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All of our registration is done online via this site or by coming in to the gym.  You need to create a parent account and add your children to it, then you can enroll them into any of our programs. This also allows you to manage your payments, print receipts, and update any contact information so that we always have the most current information on file.

We ask that all children be in bare feet, hair tied back, wearing shorts and a t-shirt or a gymnastics body suit.  We don’t want any pants that cover their feet.  No buttons, zippers or belts please.  Bodysuits for girls may be purchased in the Flip City Office.

Yes, everyone needs to pay an insurance/registration fee.  If you have registered at another club in BC and they have paid your insurance/membership to Gymnastics BC already, then we do not require you to pay for insurance again within the same year. Registration fees are valid from September to August of each year.  There are different insurance fees for recreational members, Interclub members, and competitive members.

We use the Can Gym program which breaks the skills down into levels Gold, Silver & Bronze, with 4 sub levels within each level.  Gold is levels 9 -12, previously our Advanced class.  Silver is levels 5-8, previously our Intermediate class.  Bronze is levels 1-4, previously our beginner class.

Invite only means you need to contact the office and have your child assessed for the program, once the Head Coach completes your child’s assessment you will receive a call or email informing you of where they feel your child is best suited.

Withdrawal Policy 

Birthday parties, camps, parents night out and drop in passes are non-refundable and full payment is due upon registration. No spots will be held without full payment. 

All class withdrawal requests must be EMAILED into the office  at flipcitygymnasticsclub@gmail.com and will only be processed once the email is received. A minimum of one full month must be given. You will need to give notice before the end your current month to drop at the end of the next month.  Training fees are applicable in full during the month of the athlete’s last training date and will not be prorated.  (ex. To withdraw for June, noticed must be given by no later then April 30th)

Exceptions will be made with a doctor’s note.

NSF & Declined Payment Fee: There is a $40.00 fee for all NSF cheques and declined payments.

Late Fee: Any tuition received after the 1st of the month will be subject to a $25 late fee.

Summer camps are run weekly and our prices are displayed for a weekly rate, however we do accept flex registration, so you can choose the week of the camp you want and then specify what day or days you want to attend.  The system prorates the cost accordingly.

The summer insurance/registration fee may be reduced for new members who have not paid their insurance/registration fee yet, it maybe prorated as it expires August 31st every year.  All members must be insured prior to participating in camps and classes.

Flip City will be closed for ALL Statutory Holidays: Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Family Day, Good Friday Victoria Day, BC Day, Canada Day.  There is usually a break at Christmas and Spring Break as well that is accounted for in the Recreational schedule.