What is Gymnastics? Why choose it?

Gymnastics is a “core” sport, teaching skills that will help your children in any other sport they may try in their lives. Gymnastic skills provide the ability to acquire “general motor skills” which are inherent in many other sports. If these basic movement patterns are not acquired when a child is young, all other learning processes will be much more difficult for them. (For example adults who learn a sport, such as skiing, skating or surfing, have an easier time learning as well as less risk of injury, falls and sore muscles if they have done gymnastics as a child.) This is because our brain stores “movement patterns” which our nervous system accesses as we develop.

Gymnastics helps all children develop balance, strength, focus, agility, flexibility and coordination. On top of that, it gymnastics also aids with developing listening skills, confidence, self-esteem and self-regulation. Gymnastics helps the brain’s cognitive functions by incorporating “cross-over” movements (“across the axis” of the body) which helps the left-brain (language/logic side) and right-brain (creative/spatial/emotional side) work together effectively.

In addition to all these core benefits, gymnastics is fun! At Flip City, we believe that gymnastics is a joyful expression of youthful enthusiasm for all ages. It is “kicking up your heels” taken to the extreme!